Clover Pot - Peachy Pink


The first product from 'Big Daisy', we are thrilled to be able to distribute the 'Clover Pot'.

Made from a mix of Cement, Fibre, Seashell and stone they are a sturdy and heavyweight pot perfect for both indoors or outdoors. 

Designed by a florist, these pots originated from the shape of a petal. Throughout the design process the curves were reduced and rounded to a simpler shape which more clearly began to replicate a clover leaf. Thus the name, 'Clover'. Their heavy cement base makes them perfect for outdoors, however, with the option of a matching drip tray they also make a beautiful addition inside the home. 


20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 50x50cm



50x50cm: 29kg
40x40cm: 19kg
30x30cm: 10kg
20x20cm: 3.5kg
SET: 61.5kg


Fading will occur over time, speed of fading will be dependent on UV intensity.

This product is sold SEPERATELY to the drip trays

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