Feminini Tea - Girl Power


GIRL POWER  Let’s face it, the burden of monthly cycles and symptoms that tag along with it can sometimes have women asking the question – “Why us?!” Although it may not always feel like it, the blessing of a healthy, regular and functioning reproductive system plays a huge role in a woman’s overall health, hormone production and mental wellbeing. Luckily for us though, it doesn’t mean we need to suffer through the agony of cramps, painful acne breakouts or discomfort of bloating.

This carefully curated blend has been developed to promote a consistent, regular and manageable cycle, while at the same time eases the discomforts of muscle aches, skin sensitivity and general fatigue. Whether you’re on your period or not, this tea is designed to be enjoyed at any stage of the month with your body reaping the benefits of hormonal balance all year round.

Please note: Drink throughout the month, or whenever you suffer from PMS. However, if you’re drinking while trying to conceive, we recommend you consider the timing of your consumption as once pregnant, raspberry leaf shouldn’t be consumed again until after 32 weeks due to uterine toning properties. This tea is breastfeeding friendly.

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