Papernest Cards

What makes Papernest cards the kind of cards your friend will keep? You know – the kind they put on their fridge or their mantlepiece or their desk at work to show Steph from accounts because she always likes a laugh. (oh Steph, never change.) The opposite of mass production. We believe in working with Australian artists, using high-quality paper and cutting out anything bad for the planet. We also believe in ensuring our jokes get giggles and groans. We're going for gold here, Steph. Each card is a mini-showbag packed with mini-goodies. Tarot cards Surprise your friends with a 100% accurate fortune.* (*Accuracy not guarenteed.) Seeds Give the gift that keeps on giving – and growing! Planting instructions included. Love Vouchers Simply fill in the blank and hand it over. (Perfect if you've forgotten a prezzie.) It's more than the thought that counts. Supporting Green Our stocks are FSC certified with most cards printed on recycled paper. Supporting Local We work with trusted Australian paper suppliers, printers and envelope makers because we like to support talented fellow homegrown businesses. Supporting Artists Our cards would stay on the racks if it weren't for our amazing artists. We're proud to showcase the work of amazingly talented local designers and doodlers.

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